Get more out of your business with ICS Solutions

Product and software development

Get more out of your business with ICS Solutions

Product and software development


ICS Solutions offers a strong service in the field of product and software development. We will work with you to find the ideal solution for your idea. This at an affordable rate.

We help your business grow

ICS uses a clear and swift approach and guarantees correct delivery of your product at the agreed price and date. There are no unpleasant financial surprises in store for you.

As CEO, it is also important to make the right decisions and to manage the risks as well as possible before proceeding to production.

ICS Solutions helps you step by step through the process and always delivers a high quality result.

Meet our team


Thomas Penet

Active for more than 15 years in consulting. Various references in financial sectors, insurances and industrial automation.


Bram Kamers

Active for more than 15 years as R&D in several large companies. Specialised in animal welfare and project management. Involved in foreign projects (non-EU)

Managing Director Asia

JR Valderrama

5 years of experience as a manager in Flatworld India. Production house of social media.

Accountmanager GCC

Alami Abdelkader

More than 12 years of experience in developing international agreements specialising in fertilizers and industrial machines.

Accountmanager Europa

Tolga Eryilmaz

3 years of experience as an account manager in wholesale of building materials within Europe.

System Engineer

Stijn Penet

More than 8 years of experience in configuration and maintenance of payment systems for Indigo Parkingen.

Construction Engineer

Umit Yilmaz

More than 15 years of experience in mechanical engineering.




Fcs Bags

FCS Bags optimises the food waste chain. From the waste bin of industrial kitchens to the processing thereof. Everything is done in an ecologically responsible way.

We provided FCS bags with hardware tools and electronics. Everything is controlled via a mobile app. We also realised the backend system for this project.


POC Development of a platform for image recognition of weakened animals. This way we reduce the risk of disease spreading in the event of death. In collaboration with Cisco Meraki.


Hardware and software platform that is responsible for disinfecting public areas by means of nebulizing and/or spraying techniques.



ICS Solutions is launching the new platform PurgiPlex that is responsible for disinfecting all kinds of areas such as meeting rooms, medical areas, shops and



Jan – 2017

Jan – 2017

Start-up of ICS Solutions BVBA with the objective of supporting tailor-made product development, both electronics and software.

Jan – 2017

Jan – 2018

Jan – 2018

Start-up of the first ICS Project: FCS Bags

Jan – 2018

Dec – 2018

Dec – 2018

Further expansion of the ICS Team with diverse experiences

Dec – 2018

Jan – 2018

Jan – 2018

Start-up of ICS Solutions LTD Turkey with the intention to manufacture tailor-made metal construction.

Jan – 2018

April – 2019

April – 2019

Start-up of ICS Solutions Asia Software development and assembly in-house.

April – 2019

Jan - 2020

Jan – 2020

ICS Solutions already has more than 30 employees across the different continents.

Jan - 2020

Maart – 2020

Maart – 2020

ICS Solutions GCC further expansion to the Arabian Gulf states.

Maart – 2020

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